Regarding the Chat

This may be the last message for this year, i do not know so im gonna sum up the year and its events.

January – we had David Tennant’s departure and The End of Time Figures Released
February – we had some news about more figures, and also more filming pictures of series 5
March – we were in heavy preparation for Series 5 of Doctor Who!
April- Series 5 was kicked off with 3 epic episodes and even more during the next months
May – we had more Doctor Who Episodes, and we also had Some Doctor Who books released.
June – Series nearly finished, we was so sad yet so excited.
July – The Final month of Doctor Who, and it was event full.
August – Some Figures from series 5 were released, and we also had continuous updates of new figures being released.
September – The Graske’s Corner (my blog) was opened and i started to get into blogging, and also… we had news of the series 5 soundtrack date and DVD box-set release.
October – we got the name from the Christmas special released, although it was speculated many times before this.
November – more figures released, and we had a Doctor Who Christmas Special Trailers.
December- The Christmas Special!, new figures, and i joined Officially the Gallifrey Times Team!
and.. onto the bad news;
i haven’t been on for a while, yet i return too see that they’re has been massive arguments and disruptions on the chat and on many sites, it ends now, no messages, no copyright disputes its simple, it is over, and we shall not bring it back, the crack has absorbed it and it shall not be remembered, i have not been instructed to put this post, i have done it by free will, as i cant stand it, it is silly, Doctor Who Advent is not copyrighted neither is a public image on google.
Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!!