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Release Date Set For Sonic Screwdriver Remote

Remember the sheer awesomeitude of the news that The Wand Company were making official Doctor Who sonic screwdrivers that would work as universal remotes for a gigantic range of household gizmos? Well even better news everyone! BBC have announced a release date!

For UK Whovians that fateful day will be August 31st, and the product will be carried by the BBC Store, Firebox and Forbidden Planet, with preorders being available soon. US fans will have to wait until some point in September from the BBC America Store and carrier of all things I really shouldn’t buy but really really want to, ThinkGeek.

Several new features have been announced, such as a three digit PIN number to keep pesky Sontarans from filching your tech, and an “FX operational mode”, which seems to be a setting which will make the remote light up and go bzzt and stuff.

No word yet on whether it will be able to reverse the polarity of the neutron flow.