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Reminder – The 2013 Doctor Who Prom Tonight!

A quick reminder – the (first) 2013 Doctor Who prom is taking place tonight!

The celebration of the music of Doctor Who is being held tonight at the Royal Albert Hall in London, and it celebrates and showcases not just the Murray Gold-composed music from the revived series, but the music from the whole 50 year history of the show.

The prom will be broadcast live on BBC Radio 3 tonight at 7.30pm, and will conclude at 9.45pm tonight. It will also be recorded for a highlights show for later broadcast on TV. There is also a rumour that the Twelfth Doctor will be announced live at the prom tonight, but this is unconfirmed and should be taken with a large pinch of salt. There will also be a second prom tomorrow at 10.30am, but this will not be broadcast.

If you have tickets for tonight or are listening on the radio, enjoy the show!