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Resolution overnight and consolidated figures released

The figures are out for the New Year’s Day special, Resolution, and while they’re highly respectable numbers, they don’t look too good in comparison with other episodes.

Resolution had 5.15 million viewers on overnight figures – the lowest figure for any festive special since the series returned in 2005. The other big hit of the night was the return of Luther, which had 5.15 million viewers. Meanwhile on Channel 4, The Great Festive Bake-Off on had 2.71 million viewers.

Things look up a bit in the consolidated figures (including catch-up) with Resolution achieving 6.96 million viewers. Whilst this is quite a big jump in comparison to other episodes, it still means it’s one of the lowest scoring episodes of Series 11.

The episode also had an AI (appreciation Index) score of 80, which was slightly below average for the series.

Title Overnight
The Woman Who Fell to Earth 8.20m 2.76m 83
The Ghost Monument 7.11m 1.89m 82
Rosa 6.39m 1.98m 83
Arachnids in the UK 6.43m 1.79m 83
The Tsuranga Conundrum 6.12m 1.64m 79
Demons of the Punjab 5.77m 1.71m 80
Kerblam! 5.93m 1.53m 81
The Witchfinders 5.66m 1.55m 81
It Takes You Away 5.07m 1.35m 80
The Battle of Ranskoor Av Kolos 5.32m 1.33m 79
Resolution 5.15m 1.8m 80