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Richard Clark – ‘The Kids Will Freak’

Richard Clark, director of episodes 3 & 4, has today tweeted through his Twitter Account that these episodes will freak younger viewers.

Tweeting earlier today, his tweet read:

I’m scared filming this. The kids are gonna freak.

He has also confirmed that they are currently filming the finale of the Episode, he tweeted:

Big finale today. Complex. Lots to co-ordinate. But it’s looking seriously gorgeous.

Just rehearsed finale. Never laughed so hard as when ‘bob’ prepared to do battle.

He has also commented on Matt Smith as The Doctor, but is tight lipped regarding any Guest Actors.

“Matt’s performance [is] a joy,” he said. “Wonderfully talented actor. Sadly can’t reveal anything about guests, except that I’m delighted.” 

Lastly he has linked to a Set Picture, which we presume is from the set for Episodes 3 & 4: