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River Song Returns For Series 7 Of Doctor Who & Other Spoilers

On a panel at San Diego Comic-Con, exec producer and writer Steven Moffat was willing to talk small spoilers with his co-producer Caroline Skinner, formerly known as the producer of The Fades.

Starting off with a run-down of upcoming episodes, they confirmed that the first episode will be a Dalek heavy nail-biter. “You’ll see more Daleks than you’ve ever seen before, and you’ll see more different types of Daleks than you’ve ever seen before,” said Moffat. I wonder if these ‘different types of Dalek’ include the rainbow master Daleks from series 5?

Next up is the Western, with Moffat quipping, “We went to the most authentic location we could find, which was obviously in Spain. It looks absolutely stunning!” Unfortunately, there’s no promise of a musical episode with Darvill singing, ode to a horse named Moonshine, as his backstage gags would suggest.

Talk then turned to inspiration, and Moffat proclaimed his inspiration comes from, “Probably chiefly watching Doctor Who!” And his ideas are still pouring onto the page as he hasn’t finished writing the season yet. He’s spending all his free time at Comic-Con scribbling away in his hotel room, frantically tying up scripts. Skinner chipped in to say they have a code word for scripts – ISMH – which stands for “In Steven Moffat’s Head.”

This led to discussing the Ponds inevitable farewell. Skinner said, “The women have all wept, the men have all said, I have the worst case
of allergies, but I don’t think the anti-histamines are going to help
them. It’s genuinely moving.” Both Moffat and Skinner agreed that episode five was the most emotional read-through of a script they’ve ever done, but the exit of the Ponds will be a “celebration” of their relationship with the Doctor.

Such a change leads to the obvious: the Doctor’s new companion, Jenna-Louise Coleman. But when asked about how changing the dynamic of the Doctor’s friends will be good for the show, Moffat replied, “When you start that story again, you’ve got a fresh take on it. You’ve got someone who’s bemused by him, who doesn’t
know he has two hearts, and you meet him again through their eyes.”

On River Song coming back in episode five, Moffat said that series six of Who has already covered the “big River Song story”; implying that she’ll be appearing for shenanigans rather than to flesh out her original plot thread. Skinner said: “She’s so the queen of mischief in this episode.”

It sounds like we’re in for a emotional ride and surprising script formula this August.