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Roger Moore On Appearing In Doctor Who

Sir Roger Moore IS The Doctor!

Or at least he could be if his recent conversation with Mark Gatiss is anything to go by. The film star, best known for playing James Bond, has stated his keen interest in a role in Doctor Who.

On 19th May, Mark Gatiss showed his affections for Moore by tweeting:

“Isn’t Roger Moore wonderful in ‘The Man Who Haunted Himself’? I have such a soft spot for the film.”

A few days later, Moore replied to Gatiss with the following tweet:

“Thank you. I might be equally wonderful in Dr Who or Sherlock if asked!”

Gatiss replied with this tantalising tweet: 

“My life is complete! Will be [in] touch.”

Moore has previously expressed interest in appearing in the show, when in 2009 he responded to the news of Timothy Dalton being cast in The End of Time by saying:

“I believe Timothy is to appear in one of the new episodes, so if they ever want anyone to play his dad, I’m available.”