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Rory & Amy’s Last Day

As I’m sure you know by now, Karen Gillan and Arthur Darvill are leaving Doctor Who this coming series. And today really does mark the beginning of the end. As I type this, the very last day of filming for the actors who have played Amy and Rory is underway.

When all’s said and done, Amy will have been a consistent companion for two and a half series, meaning she’ll beat first companion Rose Tyler’s by about half a dozen episodes, though that’s not counting Rose’s later appearances. Rory’s tenure as constant companion is a little more iffy, but I’m going to call it as Series 6, meaning he lasted as long as Martha Jones and Donna Noble and outlasted previous male companions Micky and Captain Jack, who never quite graduated to full time.

I’m sure it’s a very emotional day on set for the power trio of Matt, Karen and Arthur who have helped push the Eleventh Doctor’s tenure to dizzying heights of fame. Jenna-Louise Coleman will have big shoes to fill when she comes to the role in Series 7. I wonder if they’ve started filming her scenes yet? Also, IMDB says Coleman was in the Captain America film. If only I hadn’t lent out my copy, I could check that…