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Rubbertoe replicas thirteenth doctor sonic replica

Rubbertoe Replicas Thirteenth Doctor sonic preorders available now

A new Doctor, a new sonic screwdriver? Of course that means a brand new Rubbertoe Replicas sonic screwdriver replica! Finally fans can have a high quality accurate replica of Jodie Whittaker’s new thirteenth Doctor’s sonic screwdriver. Now made with Sheffield steel… Well, maybe not that accurate.

Nick Robatto, master prop maker, created the original filming prop, not unlike the eleventh and twelfth Doctor’s sonic screwdrivers. These replica sonics will be made using the exact same techniques and materials as the original on screen prop. They will be exact and true to the original right down to the measurements.

Rubbertoe Replicas Sonic Detail View

Not unlike the filming prop this replica will have the features displayed in the Doctor Who television program. The crystal emitter spins and lights up. The middle joint is capable of twisting to a 180º angle, allowing the end to curve either up or down. This sonic screwdriver does not emit sound, not unlike the filming prop. Sonic sounds from the program are added in, not originating from the sonic device.

This is a limited edition collector’s item that comes complete with a presentation box and numbered display stand. Buyers are also given a certificate of authenticity that will be signed by Nick Robatto himself.

Making the Sonic

Production Designer Arwel Wyn Jones, and Concept Artist Derren Fereday worked together to design the Doctor’s new sonic. Rubbertoe Replicas raves, “We were very excited [ . . . ] when the design for this new screwdriver landed on Nick’s desk.” The curve and organic design created a whole new feel to the iconic tool of the Doctor. The soft warm orange glow is perfect for this new warm and friendly regeneration of everyone’s favourite Time lord.

Robatto and Jones worked tirelessly to make this new sonic design a reality. Jones had a very specific look they wanted to achieve with the finish of this new design. Robatto suggested real metal be used to create the silver elements of the new sonic. Generally this would have been created using cold cast resin then painted to look like the desired materiel. Robatto had previously designed and created a ray gun which he cast from pewter. The raygun was then aged and pitted to create an authentic finish. The two agreed this technique would be perfect for the thirteenth Doctor’s sonic design.

“The first sonic took about two weeks to make, and was comprised of over fifty different components from various materials. There were many different processes involved, including intricate hand sculpting, turning, shaping, hot metal casting, 3D printing, art-working, resin casting and electronics. After the first sonic was made, Nick then went on to make an additional four filming props.” — Rubbertoe Replicas

Rubbertoe Replicas Sonic Detail View

Pre-order Now

This beautifully crafted replica is currently available for pre-order from Rubbertoes Replicas. Products ship in Spring of 2019. Buyers will make payments in two parts, including a non-refundable, non-transferable 50% down payment of £375 (plus shipping). This initial payment will secure customer’s sonics and the remaining £375 will be payable a few weeks prior to the day of shipment. This brings the total for this special collector’s item to £750 + shipping + VAT (if applicable). Customers from the UK will have an added VAT. Rubbertoe Replicas ships internationally.