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RUMOUR Doctor Who: Series 8 – New Director Confirmed?

The rumour mill for Doctor Who series eight is churning again – and this time, it looks like the new series, to be transmitted in autumn, has found a new director.

The Facebook page of filmmaker group Film UBC posted that Rachel Talalay, director of film Tank Girl and the BBC adaptation of The Wind in the Willows, is set to direct episodes of Doctor Who.

While Talalay is indeed affiliated with the group, the source is unconfirmed and is not official – and the post states that she is ‘currently directing’ two episodes, which, as Paul Wilmshurst is currently helming Block Four, would potentially point to Talalay being a second unit director.

However, this source is indeed similar to many sources that have announced directors for the show – such as eventual Block Three of Series 8 director Paul Murphy, whose involvement was confirmed by an agency last year. Talalay also appears on Doctor Who production designer Michael Pickwoad’s CV alongside the other four confirmed directors, hinting that she is most likely set to direct two episodes.

If this report is true, expect Talalay to helm Block Five starting next month, most likely compromising episodes nine and ten.

[Source: @Ruther2]