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Rumour: Jenna Coleman To Leave Doctor Who

Once again, the rumours have begun: will this be Clara’s last series in the TARDIS? According to The Mirror (and now, BBC News is also reporting it), Coleman has already filmed her final scenes and will exit the show during the series finale, before the Christmas special. As with any rumour, take this news with a grain of salt, because it may turn out to be another false alarm like last year.

The Mirror claims:

Doctor Who companion Jenna Coleman has quit the time-travelling sci-fi series – to spend more time in the 19th Century.

Jenna – time and space-hopping Clara Oswald – has landed a major role as Queen Victoria in a £10 million ITV drama.

The glamorous actress , 29, will play the monarch from when she became queen as a frumpy 18-year-old in 1837, through the early part of her 63-year reign.

A source said: “Jenna clinching the role has been a closely guarded secret. There’s a lot of excitement about the series.”

ITV hope the eight-part epic will give them a ratings hit like Downton Abbey.

The series, called Victoria, is written by novelist Daisy Goodwin and made by the same producers as Poldark.

Goodwin said Victoria’s diaries gave “an astonishingly vivid picture of her transformation from a rebellious teenager”.

Jenna has been companion to both Matt Smith and Peter Capaldi in her three years with the Doctor.

She is thought to have already filmed her final scenes, due to be screened before the Christmas special.

Do you think these are Clara’s final days in the TARDIS, or this just another unfounded rumour? With  37 episodes completed, including all of series 9 (making her the longest-running companion of the revival), should it be time for a new companion to join the Doctor? Let us know below!

[Source: Doctor Who TV]