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Russell T. Davies: Doctor Who Can Never Be Cancelled

Doctor Who fans everywhere know the name Russell T. Davies. Davies, of course, was the man responsible for reviving Doctor Who after a sixteen-year television hiatus. He brought the Ninth Doctor and Rose to our screens, inspiring a new generation of Whovians. He was the showrunner from 2005 to 2010, straight through the Tenth Doctor’s tenure, arguably one of the best Doctors of all time.

Since the show has survived a sixteen-year hiatus, coming back stronger than ever, and with the use of social media making an impact on how fans communicate and express their love for Doctor Who, Davies believes that nothing can destroy it now. He says:

“It’s now impossible for it to ever be axed. It’s certainly heading that way. Could you imagine if it was axed now? There would be uproar in the streets. Twitter would be set on fire.

Who would have thought? If you look at the last ten years: ten years of rock solid ratings! It’s bizarre to an old-school Doctor Who fan like me; it’s success continues to be extraordinary.

Also, there is a current generation who will keep it alive in a generation’s time. As long as there’s an audience, that audience will grow up loving it and want to make their own and it’s self-perpetuating.”

The tenth anniversary of Doctor Who’s revival will be on 26 March, 2015. Davies and Steven Moffat say there are no plans in the works for an anniversary celebration so close on the heels of the fiftieth special in 2013.

[Source: Radio Times]