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Russell T Davies On The Future Of Torchwood

Russell T Davies, who of course is the man who brought Doctor Who back to our screens and the creator of spin-off Torchwood, was a guest on the Graham Norton show last night, where he discussed his new children’s TVseries starting on Monday and Tuesday next week, Wizards vs Aliens.

During the interview, Russell was asked about the future of Torchwood, he replied:

I loved making it over there (in the USA), and I would have carried on if circumstances hadn’t brought me back to this country, so it’s kind of in limbo for me at the moment. I’m not working on it at the moment, I’m only working on Wizards vs Aliens – when I get back to work one day, I don’t know, it’ll be old news to the BBC! 

It’s not officially (cancelled), it’s in a nice limbo where it can stew – those shows can come back in ten, twenty years time.

You can listen to the whole interview by clicking here.