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Russell Tovey: The Eleventh Doctor?

Fans and followers of Russell Tovey, you may be intrigued to know that the much loved British actor was in fact ‘screen tested’ for the role of the eleventh incarnation of The Doctor. Fans of the show will already recognise Russell from his appearances in Voyage Of The Damned and a small cameo in the The End Of Time. Who could forget that scene with the tenth doctor?

Whilst talking to The Independent, Tovey revealed details of how Russell T Davies was excited regarding the prospect of the Being Human and Him and Her star taking on the Timelords role and how he felt the reaction from the public generally unsettled him a little:

“Russell texted me to say, ‘Look, I’ve said this quote about how you should be the next Doctor Who,
so if it goes a bit crazy …’ And I was, ‘Oh, that’s fine …’, and then
suddenly it just went everywhere: people messaging me from my childhood
and lots of remarks like, ‘His ears are too big for the Tardis, they’ll
be flapping about.’ People were starting to get really personal.”

On the result of the casting decision, Tovey revealed that in hindsight, he was somewhat relieved the job went to Matt Smith in the end:

“It would have terrified me,” he says. “I don’t know what I would have done with all the attention.”

If indeed Russell Tovey had been cast the eleventh incarnation of The Doctor, he would have been the first openly gay actor to play the part. The role of playing a gay male on TV is something that he views as a big step in his career and would only do if the right opportunity came along:

“Every character I play is straight, which is unique, my agent says,
because it’s not really been done before that someone who is completely
out is able to play straight roles. So for me to play gay it has to be
something special, because it might actually be more of a risk. So I’m
waiting for that role – I want it to be something that moves things

So guys, did Moffat make the right choice? Tovey or Smith, let us know in the handy comments box below.

[Source: The Independent]