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Sean Pertwee Was Asked To Be In Doctor Who Series 9

Sean Pertwee – son of the late Jon Pertwee, who played the Third Doctor – recently revealed to that he has in fact been asked to be in Doctor Who before.

“I’ve been asked before – I was asked actually last season. I couldn’t do it because of Gotham.”

Pertwee currently plays Bruce Wayne’s butler, Alfred Pennyworth, in the hit US drama Gotham. When asked if he would be interested in a part in Doctor Who, he seemed very keen:

“I’d love to be in some capacity be involved, as an ode to my father and to Roger Delgado, who was my dad’s best friend, who was the Master. It’d be an honour to be involved in something like that. You know, it’s a big thing! Doctor Who’s a massive thing in America now, and also they’re looking to the older Doctors, which I think is really kinda cool. They’re looking back as well, not just forward.” 

After he posted a photo of himself dressed as his father’s incarnation of our favourite Time Lord, it has been repeatedly suggested that Sean Pertwee could indeed play the Third Doctor himself.

With an uncanny resemblance to his father, this could be an interesting way for the Third Doctor to make an appearance in the show.