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Doctor Who Series 7 Episode Title Changed

The tenth episode of Season Seven which had been rumoured to be called The Phantom of The Hex, has now been confirmed by Doctor Who Director of Photography Mike Southon to have the considerably more understated title:
The Hider In The House
Southon posted this image on his website of Matt Smith with actor Dougray Scott who claimed in an interview on This Morning to be playing a character called Professor or the Professor. There has been some speculation from the image that the episode may have a period setting, but there is, as yet, nothing to confirm this.

Matt Smith and Dougray Scott.

The Hider in the House was shot in June and was written by Neil Cross, directed by Jamie Payne and alongside Dougray Scott stars, Jessica Rain and Kemi-Bo Jacobs. The episode will mark Jenna Louise Coleman’s fifth episode travelling with the Doctor.