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Series 11 format to change… slightly

Tucked away in the press release for the announcement of the new companions was one line that confirmed some very important news.
The press release confirmed that the next series of Doctor Who will be broadcast in Autumn 2018 and will be made up of ten fifty minute episodes in, with the first episode being a one hour ‘feature length’ episode.
Doctor Who has had numerous format changes over the years. Starting off as multi-part 25 minute episodes, Season 22 briefly changed to 45 minute episodes, which was later adopted as the general format for post-2005 Doctor Who, with a number of 60 minute specials at Christmas and series launches. 
So essentially, we get 5 minutes more per episode, but we lose a couple of episodes along the way. It’s not certain whether this includes Christmas specials or not. 
While we may have a long wait, we’ve still got a lot to look forward to with Capaldi’s final appearance in Twice Upon A Time and Jodie’s costume will no doubt be revealed before the start of the series.