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Series 11 of Doctor Who May Feature a Civil Rights Activist

Everyone is wondering what to expect in series 11 of Doctor Who with its brand new cast and crew. Some eagle eyed fans may have found a few hints into at least one of the upcoming episodes.

Last month photos from the set of Doctor Who featured a bus that resembled that from the story of famous American civil rights activist Rosa Parks who refused to give up her seat in the front of a bus to a Caucasian man during the mid 1950s.

This had fans speculating but recent information in the form of Spotlight actor screenshots show certain actors playing roles in Doctor Who series 11 related to the Rosa Parks event. These screen shots were shared via Twitter.

The Spotlight profiles for both of the above actors (David Rubin & Aki Omoshaybi) no longer have these details listed and it can not be confirmed that these images are legitimate. However, if these pictures are truly genuine, these actors could be playing Raymond Parks (Rosa Parks’ husband) and Fred David Gray (Rosa Parks’ lawyer). It would certainly help to validate the speculation about the bus seen during filming.

David Rubin is a versed theatre actor. Theatre seeming to be a favourite place for plucking actors for Doctor Who. So perhaps there could be some real legitimacy for this claim. Only time can tell, as I doubt the actors will be allowed to discuss the matter if they are planning on playing these roles. BBC has declined commenting on the matter. This is probably a good thing. We all know Chibnall is trying to be more secretive this time around.

The idea that historic content such as this may be implemented in the new series of Doctor Who leads one to wonder if this series is going to be more time than space. With the temporary loss of the TARDIS, it is very possible that we will be seeing a lot more Earth related content this year.

If you could place the new Doctor in the middle of any historic Earth event, what would it be? Feel free to leave a comment below.