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Series 7: Episode 5 Rory Spoiler


More spoilers have emerged for the fifth episode of Series 6, which we understand to be the last for the Ponds. If you want to reveal the spoiler, highlight the text below.

As we reported a few days ago, Rory is seemingly taken back in time by a Weeping Angel and appears in past New York.

New spoilers today from ‘Timeboy’ suggest that we will see an elderly Rory, which sounds a lot like Series 3 episode, ‘Blink’, which also starred the Weeping Angels.

There will also be a paradox of some sort, but not nessecarlily connected to an elderly Rory.

‘Timeboy’ also reports that a funeral scene is due to be filmed soon, but it is currently unclear who’s it is.

So, it looks like Rory will die in Episode 5. What are your thoughts and theories?