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Series 7 Filming Moves To New York

Filming for Series 7 has moved to New York, which is said to be one the most romantic cities in the world, and where today, Rory and Amy were snapped during filming kissing, which may well be there last as we know the couple will leave the series in Episode 5.

We’ve also got some other images and news that you’ll want to hear. Keep reading to find out more.

The image was taken in New York’s Central park, with The Doctor, and the Ponds, with filming rumoured to be moving to the Statue Of Liberty in the coming days.

So, do you think this really will be the couple’s last kiss? [Source]

More casting news now, River Song (played by Alex Kingston) is expected to return to Series 7 of Doctor Who, as she has been seen in New York.

It would not seem right for Amy and Rory to leave show without seeing their daughter, who remember, regenerated in New York in ‘Day of the Moon’. [Source]

Below are some more images from filming in Central Park.

Of course, we’ll keep you updated here at The Gallifrey Times on all of the Series 7 filming.