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Series 7 Filming: Opener & Episode 5 Spoilers


Yesterday, we reported on a bus being seen on set outside the Pond residence for the Series 7opener.. Today, a new image has emerged showing the bus driver holding a mini-Dalek eyestalk. Rumours are suggesting that it could be a Dalek spying device. To see the image, click HERE. The episode is also said be part-set in Ancient China and The Doctor is given a task to complete by the Emperor!

Next up, we’ve got more spoilers from Episode 5. Recent late night filming involved scenes with Rory (played by Arthur Darvill) and a new character called Rob. A spectator stated:

[The] “Winter Quay” [building] from Wednesday’s filming is actually a hotel, and the interiors were filmed here. Rory was in a cellar, and gets zapped by something (presumably an Angel) and appears in New York in the past. Arthur had to jump off a small box and look confused and shaken up. Then he looks up, at the Statue of Liberty. He was told to gaze at it as if there was something not quite right about it. He couldn’t think what. 

Next, they filmed “Rob” getting out of a car. It was very odd. They only filmed his shoulders and head, and there was actually no car at all. He had to mime it by squatting and then standing up. He makes a comment about the Statue of Liberty too, and also looks confused, and walks on.