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Series 7 Filming: Tudor City Images & Video


Filming in New York on Thursday was in Tudor City with Matt Smith, Karen Gillan and Arthur Darvill for Episode 5 of Series 7 which is thought to be set in the gangster-era 1930s.

As spectators and images showed last week, it is thought that Rory is taken back in time after an encounter with the Weeping Angels.

It looks like Rory may be in danger as well, as he gets a gun pointed at him by gangster asking him “You’re Melody!?”

More images from on set can be seen below, thanks to Sean Matthew Leary.

One of the images in the slideshow above shows River Song’s double, but it’s actually a man, in a wig. The image shows the double driving a car with The Doctor in the passenger seat.

There’s also a video from filming: