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Series 7 Premiere – Asylum Of The Daleks

Asylum of the Daleks was recently confirmed as the official name of the Series 7 first episode, and showrunner Steven Moffat has also confirmed that it will contain “…every kind of Dalek coming back.”

But more importantly, Asylum of the Daleks will be shown before the new series begins, airing at the British Film Institute on August 14th. Tickets to the showing will be available for purchase from the 10th, so if you plan on going make sure you snap them up as fast as possible because this will sell out fast.

The word “asylum” is quite evocative, isn’t it? Does it refer to some kind of Dalek safe haven, where some sinister force has been preserving every incarnation of the Doctor’s deadliest foes? Perhaps it’s more akin to a ‘mental asylum’, a place where someone or something is attempting to ‘heal’ the Daleks.

The possibilities that ‘every Dalek ever’ raises are quite staggering too. Will we see the Emperor? The Cult of Skaro? The Human-Dalek? Davros himself? Most importantly of all, will any of them be serving tea?

Well, we don’t know when the rest of us will find out as the official airing date of the new series has not yet been confirmed. Sometime after August 14th is all we can say for sure.