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SFX Previews Doctor Who: Series 8

We are now only a month away. In commemoration of the imminent arrival of Series 8, SFX  Magazine has a world exclusive preview of the 12th Doctor and his upcoming adventures. The highlight of the preview is a summary of all 12 episodes by showrunner Steven Moffat, offering a brief yet tantalising look through the window of what is to come. Information that can be gathered from the previews include:

  • A troubling first episode for Clara, dealing with the loss of Eleven
  • Confirmation of a Robin Hood stylised episode
  • An episode toned similarly to The Lodger
  • A throwback to a plot point or monster from Matt Smith’s era
  • Doctor Who meets Ocean’s Eleven? A heist themed episode
  • The finale will deal with the culmination of tension between Twelve and Clara

Also included is an interview with Mr Moffat himself about the 12th Doctor’s upcoming trials and tribulations, of which not all are simply monsters; The Doctor will face problems much closer to home. How will Clara cope with this new, dark transformation of her best friend?