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Signed script for Christmas special being auctioned off!

Peter Capaldi will bid us all farewell as the Doctor regenerates into his 13th incarnation played by Jodie Whittaker in this year’s Christmas special. However, the script for this historic episode, complete with signatures from Capaldi, Moffat and others,  is going up for auction this Sunday compliments of the well known Whovian and former star of Star Trek, William Shatner.

The script was donated by Mark Gatiss, who will also be playing a role in the episode. Gatiss has added his signature to the cover of the script along side his fellow actors’. This would truly be a prize in any Whovian’s collection. The proceeds for this auction will go towards charity.

The details for this auction item can be read below.

Peter Capaldi Final Doctor Who Shooting Script – Signed
From the long running British Science Fiction Series Doctor Who comes this amazing item: the last Peter Capaldi Doctor Who Script signed by Mr. Capaldi. Steven Moffat, Mark Gatis, Nick Briggs, David Bradley (portraying the first Doctor Who as noted), Pearl Mackie and Director Rachel Talalay A note on this auction: Due to the nature of the item and it’s contents, the script is embargoed until after the episode airs on December 25, 2017. After the airing, the script will be shipped to us from the UK and will then be made available to the lucky high bidder.
Please Note: Your bids represent amounts for the items only. We use a third party shipper who will be in touch if you are the successful bidder to offer shipping at an additional cost. Again bids are for items only: not shipping.

 The auction was announced by Shatner via his Twitter feed on Thursday the 12th of October. However, don’t think you can get this script before the special airs! To avoid spoilers and potential plot leaks the item will not be received by the winner until after Christmas.

The auction this Sunday starts at $50 and has an increase set at $10 increments. Shatner’s Charity Horse actions have been running annually since 1990. The proceeds from these auctions go towards many charity organisations such as Ahead with Horses, a group that helps handicapped children and The Blind Children Center. So why not help out and bid on this amazing once in a lifetime collector’s item?

You can see the listing and make your bid at the Silent Auction Pro website here.

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