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SJA Series 3 Blathereen?

At a recent event at the Trafford Centre, near the Trafford Industrial Estate in Manchester, the apparent Blathereen was spotted.

The event, entitled, ‘See Me On CBBC’, was a chance to act out some scenes, free of charge, to some popular programmes shown on the CBBC Channel. So, the Sarah-Jane TV got down there and spotted, the Slitheen’s cousins, the Blathereen!

The image of the so called ‘Orange Slitheen;, which seems to be a Blathereen can be seen below:

So, a great thanks and credit to SarahJane TV for this image! Their website can be seen here!

The Blathereen have been confirmed to star in series 3 of the SJA, which will go on air sometime this October. The series will star Elisabeth Sladen, Tommy Knight, Daniel Anthony and Anjili Mohindra.

What do you think of the Blathereen?