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I’m The New Guy

I’m Elijah, the newest contributor to The Gallifrey Times, though I also answer to “Sir Lord Doctor Professor Captain”, “Batman” and “Oi!”. I’ve been into Dr Who since 2006 and I’m very much looking forward to all the twists and turns that’re coming in the future and I hope that one day I’ll have my name just underneath the bit where it says “Written by” on the credits.

My top five episodes are:
1) The Doctor’s Wife
2) Blink
3) Empty Child/The Doctor Dances
4) A Good Man Goes To War
5) The Girl Who Waited

If you want to find me in other places, I have a video game review blog over at and I’m on Twitter over at @TheBatElijah. Alright, let’s get our fezzes, tie our bow ties, calibrate our screwdrivers and decide whether or not it’s too hot for a scarf out there Whovians!