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Sonic Screwdriver To Be Included In The Oxford English Dictionary

There is no question that Doctor Who has had quite the impact on popular culture and the show has ingrained itself on people’s lives. Words like TARDIS and Dalek have become phrases commonly used in our everyday language, but now things are getting a bit more official.

It has been announced that ‘sonic screwdriver’ will be added to the Oxford English Dictionary. Taking its place alongside the existing TARDIS, Dalek and Cyberman entries, the compound noun will be introduced in June 2017 as part of the adjective ‘sonic’. 
The sonic screwdriver – defined as an ‘electronic device which uses sound waves to perform various mechanical and technical functions’ – was first seen in Doctor Who back in1968 in the Second Doctor story Fury From The Deep. The device has changed looks several times over the years, but still remains a staple of the show, often used to help the Doctor out of tricky situations as somewhat of a deus ex machina at times.
So, another small victory for Whovians, but what phrases from the show could we expect to see in the OED in future? Transcendental dimensions? Timey-wimey? Time Lord?