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Sophia Myles Not Returning In The Near Future

In the latest Doctor Who Magazine, which is out now, Sophia Myles who played the role of Reinette in ‘The Girl In The Fireplace’, rules out a return to the show in the near future, despite recent rumours.

She said: “Steven and I did talk about Doctor Who and I honestly feel – and I think he feels the same – that The Girl in the Fireplace was so special, I really doubt we could do something better together on that show. It was just so perfect and I would rather leave it at that.” 

“If I was to come back to Doctor Who, I don’t think it should be as [Madame de Pompadour]… but it would just ruin it to come back as anything else.” 

She added: “Maybe when I’m old and don’t look anything like her. I’d like to come back in 20 or 30 years’ time as a baddy, and cause some trouble! But as for anything imminently? No. I think that would be inappropriate.”