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Spoilers: I’m New Here

Ha, I knew the first part of the title might fool you into reading this.

Yes I’m new here, the team were reaching out for some new members and after a nail biting application it seems we might suit each other, well hopefully that’s the plan anyway.

Oh my giddy Aunt, where are my manners, my name is David and of course I’m a life-long Doctor Who fan.

Often as fans we are defined by our first Doctor, I might be saying something about my age if I reveal that the late great Jon Pertwee is the first Doctor I remember watching as a child. Later on when the ‘high tech marvel’ that was VHS arrived I would eventually become a huge fan of the second Doctor (you might have been able to tell that from my second sentence). In case you were wondering I love the new show too!

Apart from Doctor Who, I also enjoy writing a web comic (no it’s not Doctor Who related, do I hear booing?), I’m somewhat of an accomplished digital artist, handy that – as comic artists aren’t cheap.

Anyway, I’ve always got my ear to the ground for the latest Who news and I hope to bring you some of the best here at The Galifrey Times.