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Star Trek/Doctor Who Comic Issue 2 Released

Has it been a month already? Issue #2 of 8 was released today. It was much more focused on the Star Trek than the Doctor Who side, and we finally get to see the Doctor and Captain Picard interact. I can’t wait until it all gets serious and the two of them start working together.

Just imagine it, the Doctor technobabbling some crazy scheme, with Picard giving him a look and just saying “Make it so.” It’ll be great, I’m sure.

The villainous teamup of the Borg and the Cybermen is still out of focus, but now that the heroes of the two franchises are together, I’m sure things’ll pick up the pace pretty fast.

You can buy issue #2 both as a traditional print comic or in digital format via Comixology, where you can also find the first issue.