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Steven Moffat discusses his greatest Doctor Who regret

Head writer Steven Moffat has always been prone to self-deprecation, and in that vein, he has revealed his greatest regret as showrunner in an interview with BBC America.

Moffat identified that regret as the final scene of 2010’s Flesh and Stone, stating:

There’s one mistake that rankles me to this day because it’s just wrong. There’s a scene at the end of a season 5 episode called ‘Flesh and Stone’ where Amy comes on to the Doctor and it’s a very good idea for a series because she’s been through this traumatic experience and she doesn’t quite know who or what the Doctor is or what his interest is in her.  

There’s a brilliant scene to be written there and I entirely avoided writing it. I played it for laughs and it’s so wrong.”

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[Source: Digital Spy]