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Steven Moffat On Asking Russell T Davies To Return To Doctor Who

The subject of the possible return of former Doctor Who showrunner and Torchwood creator Russell T Davies to Doctor Who has been a fairly common topic in interviews, with neither parties providing any definite answer.

However, in an interview with Ed Stradling at last weekend’s Gallifrey One convention, Steven Moffat discussed the possibility of Davies returning to Doctor Who. In a nutshell, it’s not likely:

“I do keep asking him, seriously, could you imagine I don’t? I get really resentful if I hear that he’s written anything that is even vaguely around the Doctor Who area because I’m saying ‘Bring it over here!’ Are you kidding? Like a shot. Like a shot. He’s the best writer breathing I think in terms of television, he’s absolutely superb and oh my God, I’d book a holiday, that would be brilliant. So, believe me, the offer is continually made and I’m getting nowhere. I think he did his duty, my God did that man do his duty for Doctor Who, so he’s maybe wanting a nice long rest from it – not a rest from being a fan, by the way, just a rest from being a writer.”