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Steven Moffat on Character Deaths in Doctor Who Series 8

In the new issue of DWM, Steven Moffat has been discussing character deaths in Series 8, and it seems fans can expect more deaths this season, and a darker tone (with the ominous title of Death in Heaven for the finale, it certainly seems that death will play a key part in the series plot). Moffat says:

“I’m aware that I have a sentimental tendency to whack people back on their feet again – you can have several deaths in one lifetime, apparently – and I’m aware that that’s a weakness, so I thought in our new, scary universe we’d make sure we off some people, and that would make it more exciting and more visceral. The word I keep using is ‘visceral’. 

For our new Doctor, there are dark times ahead.”

Series 8 begins on Saturday on BBC One, with Death in Heaven expected in early November.

[Source: Doctor Who TV]