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Steven Moffat On Deep Breath Cameo

WARNING: This post contains major spoilers for Deep Breath. If you haven’t seen the episode, click away now!

Matt Smith’s cameo in Deep Breath has proved controversial among fans. Some were happy to see Smith again while others felt it unnecessary and undermining Capaldi’s Doctor. Steven Moffat has explained his rationale for the cameo, telling Radio Times:

“It just felt utterly right for what we were planning for Peter’s Doctor – and right for Matt’s Doctor that he would think of that as he was just about ready to go out the door. And you think, well it’s never been done before – why not?” 

“I did wonder. I wondered when we sat in the cutting room, ‘Does this seem strange?’ And then you remember you’re making Doctor Who and you go, ‘Yes this does seem strange – that’s absolutely fine!’”

He added:

“We shot that on the set of Time of the Doctor which meant I had to write that scene first and then fill in some gumph about clockwork robots.”

Capaldi himself was happy with Smith’s appearance:

“I love Matt, I think he’s fantastic. He had a great kind of wisdom about him; he had this great combination of youthfulness and this very old soul, which is very unique, so I was delighted that he showed up.”