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Steven Moffat On Doctor Who Ratings

Despite concerns over declining ratings for Doctor Who, executive producer Steven Moffat has reassured us that he is not worried and that the series is still “huge”.

Moffat told Nerd Cubed:

“An episode of The X Factor – no one watches again after its first week,” he said. “Our audience has migrated to the point where… more than half of our audience watch it later – whether it’s later that same day or later that week

“It has a shelf life – it’s watched for years afterwards. It is a far bigger audience.”

Moffat also went on to explain how the ratings do not accurately reflect the show’s audience due to the recent rise in international viewership:

“For the record, 77 million is the correct rating – that’s what we get internationally,” said the writer.

The showrunner still seems unfazed by the stats, stating:

“It’s only the papers that care – and it’s only a certain section of fandom that cares. The BBC knows exactly how huge Doctor Who is.”