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Steven Moffat On Doctor Who Series 7: Part 2 Format

Executive Producer of Doctor Who, Steven Moffat has confirmed that the format of Series 7 will remain the same in 2013, with each episode being promoted as a big, standalone, blockbuster-style movie.

Speaking to Doctor Who Magazine, he said: “The movie-of-the-week approach does not stop with the Ponds. It carries on. We keep going. This year – I mean, these 14 episodes, continuing into 2013 – my brief was constantly, ‘Plot from the movie poster outwards. What’s your big visual idea? What’s the log-line of the movie?’ I thought that was a reasonably clever thing to say, but the response from the writers and the crew has been far cleverer than what I said in the first place.”

He added: “Everyone has really taken it to heart. The design work, the locations, the music, everything this year has been astonishing. I keep wondering when we’re going to fall off our perch, but each episode, even once the Ponds have left us, is looking absolutely amazing.”