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Steven Moffat On Doctor Who Series 8 Story Arc

In this week’s edition of Entertainment Weekly, Steven Moffat has commented about the story arc which will unfold in the heavily anticipated upcoming series of Doctor Who.

Previous story arcs in Moffat’s era have included the cracks in the universe, ‘silence will fall’ and more recently the mystery surrounding Clara Oswald. Commenting on his latest plans, Moffat explained that the overall arc will only take up small chunks of each episode:

“Yes [there are over-arching plotlines], but at the same time 90 percent of every episode is a stand-alone adventure.”

Moffat also commented on the overall setting of each episode:

“We’ve got quite a lot of Earth stuff this time. But it’s proper variety, and I think I’ll not tell you what’s going to be on the roller coaster in advance.”

He also teased the two-part finale of the series, describing it as “a good, action-packed, mad one”.

Which story arc has been your favourite? Are you looking forward to the more stand-alone adventures in the upcoming series? Let us know!

[Source: Doctor Who TV]