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Steven Moffat on “Rude Doctor”

In recent interviews, Steven Moffat reveals that the upcoming Doctor, Peter Capaldi, could pick up the nickname, “Rude Doctor.” This would be in reference to Capaldi portraying similar character traits to his role of Malcom Tucker on The Thick of It.

“I think kids will think he is the rude Doctor.”

Moffat divulged the factoid that this upcoming Doctor will be very different from the previous affectionate and flamboyant timelord. He will bring a more mature, dark feeling to the show.

“Peter will still be very much the Doctor. He has a tremendous ability with throwaway humor and a lot of it is around the fact that sometimes he is terribly rude.”

Capaldi is sure to bring an interesting twist to the show with his unique acting style. Also stated to SFX Magazine, this Doctor will not be a huge fan of outward affection.

 “You might want to cuddle him but he really will resist.”

Capaldi’s upcoming season as the twelfth Doctor will be premiered on August 23rd.
[Source: Mirror ]