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Steven Moffat Promises A Fitting End For Amy & Rory

Steven Moffat, executive producer of Doctor Who has promised a fitting end for Amy & Rory, who are of course departing the show in Series 7, Episode 5 The Angels Take Manhattan.

He said: “All stories have to end, and painful though that is, the most important thing about a story is how it finished. I had over a year’s warning to get this sorted out, and I’m very proud of what we’ve done. A fitting end to the mighty era of the Ponds!”

He then explained that he had devised the characters’ exit while in New York, which influenced the episode’s setting.

“There was something about [returning monsters] the Weeping Angels and New York that just seemed to make sense to me, and I thought of the story for this episode while in New York.

“It’s always good to find a new form for [the Angels] and we’ve got little cherubs this time. I had loads of ideas for the Weeping Angels on both the previous stories that I never got anywhere close to using, so it was good to find the opportunity.”