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Steven Moffat States Doctor Who Fans Have A Right To Complain

Steven Moffat has said that Doctor Who fans have a right to complain about the show.

Moffat, the show’s head writer who spoke at the Edinburgh
International TV Festival, discussed aficionados’ frustrations with the
show canon and confessed that being a fan of the franchise sometimes
makes it hard for him think of the broader audience needs.

“The first thing you have to do is shut out [your own] fan
voice. You have to [ignore] your own whiny little voice saying ‘But in
1977…’ which it does all the time, believe me! You absolutely have to
address the mainstream audience, the kids and the people who watch it in

Moffat also admitted that he wants the show to retain its status as a
“mainstream hit” and so he tries to “aim the show at absolutely

“We had 15 years of being an obscure thing that people
thought we were strange for watching, so [the fans are] all very happy
with me doing that. In a way, the forums and these obsessive fan
conversations… I shouldn’t listen to them– that’s eavesdropping. Fans
should be allowed to sit and complain about DOCTOR WHO– what is the
point in loving something if you can’t complain about it incessantly?”  

As stated here, Moffat points out that being a fan carries with it the expectation of what the show should be like. It’s natural to complain if the series doesn’t evolve as you pictured it, and it’s natural to pick apart a series you are heavily invested in – especially as fans are often emotionally attached. That said, the writers’ themselves are just as invested as you and it is evident that the Doctor Who team work incredibly hard.

It’s inevitable that we’ll see some complaints over the next couple of weeks, you can’t please everyone, but I’m certainly not forming an opinion until I’ve watched the new episodes. Regardless of how it unfolds, I’d be so bold as to say Moffat’s writing style and techniques rarely disappoint.