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Steven Moffat Talks Doctor Who & Sherlock

Steven Moffat has been majorly crucial for popular TV shows Doctor Who and Sherlock, since 2010 he has stood by Doctor Who, and he even created the idea of Sherlock! Known as some of the most popular TV phenomenons, both programmes have had their episodes being shown in approximately 200 territories around the world (let’s not forget the popularity of Doctor Who‘s 50th Anniversary!). Although the fame abroad, Moffat has insisted a foreign remake of Doctor Who, would be idiotic.

The BBC Worldwide Showcase, held in Liverpool, is a TV industry event – a meeting place for global broadcasting executives to come to potentially buy British TV programmes for their channels in the UK and abroad. Becoming executive producer and head writer on Doctor Who in 2010, the success that has followed the show has been enormous, and he has proved himself as an amazing head of the show. However, he has also been majorly successful with modern drama Sherlock, which follows the intriguing story of Sherlock Holmes and John Watson. The show was created by himself and Mark Gatiss and frequently is growing in popularity worldwide.

He defends his opinion on foreign remakes of both of his shows.

“I don’t think creatively it makes any sense at all to try to imagine selling your show to the rest of the world. You’d get it wrong anyway.” 

Sherlock and Doctor Who are both doing rather well but they couldn’t be more definitively British. They’re obtusely British. They’re about as British as it gets. You shouldn’t be afraid of being British because that’s what you’re selling.”

Following this, he adds how he sees Doctor Who episodes frequently around the world. Explaining that the major success of the show will stop it from being remade abroad. The 50th Anniversary Episode, managed to be shown in approximately 75 countries around the world, it was a massive success for Moffat and the BBC.

Doctor Who‘s everywhere, you can bump in to the Doctor anywhere.”

Doctor Who‘s probably penetrated enough that it’s no longer regarded as an import, it’s just that show.”

Persisting on the fact a foreign Doctor Who remake would be ludicrous, he adds,

“If anyone were to ask me, I’d say it’s an absolutely insane idea,” the producer replies.

“You couldn’t have more than one Doctor Who in the world. It would just be dreadful.”

In addition, he commented on US Network CBS and their remake of the stories of Sherlock Holmes, named Elementary.

“CBS approached us to remake our version. We declined, saying we weren’t ready to do that. Shortly after that, they announced they were making an updated version of Sherlock Holmes. Those are the bald facts. I can’t comment on how it turned out or the people that made it because I’ve never seen it.” 

“We don’t own Sherlock Holmes. We don’t even own the idea of updating Sherlock Holmes. That’s been done before, several times actually. So there’s no action to be taken.”

Would you accept a Doctor Who remake? What’s your opinion on Sherlock and Elementary? Leave us a comment below.

[Source : BBC News]