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Steven Moffat Talks The Future Of Doctor Who

The Daily Record caught up with Steven Moffat at a recent screening of the premiere episode of series 9, “The Magician’s Apprentice,” to ask a few questions about Peter Capaldi and the upcoming series. When asked about the search for a new Doctor, Moffat said,

“We’ve not got our eye on other Doctors. I’m sure Peter is going to be Doctor Who forever. We simply aren’t looking. It doesn’t stop people applying!”

Moffat also discussed the upcoming series and the difficulty which comes with writing for a show as big and beloved as Doctor Who. He said,

“That box is bigger on the inside. Hopefully everyone will look forward to all of it – the monsters, the adventures an awful lot of running and explosions.

If it were difficult to come up with ideas for Doctor Who it’s time to stop doing it. You have the whole universe to blow up so I’ve not run out yet.”

So it seems Moffat is not going anywhere just yet. But would a cameo appearance on the show be something he would like to do?

“I’m a terrible actor. you don’t want to see me on that screen. I’m neither good at acting or beautiful. I once played a Dalek in a Comic Relief sketch I wrote. I hated it. I don’t want to be on screen. I don’t like it.”

Doctor Who returns to our screens with “The Magician’s Apprentice” on Saturday, 19 September on BBC One and BBC America.

[Source: Kasterborous]