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Steven Moffat Talks Peter Capaldi And Season 8

Executive producer and lead writer, Steven Moffat, recently spoke in an interview at the Hay Festival about the casting of Peter Capaldi and gave us a few more teasers for season 8.

Talking about Capaldi, Moffat revealed:

‘To keep it completely secret I got him around to my house and we auditioned him there… I wrote these daft little scenes for him. And he carried them off. And, of course, he was brilliant, because he’s Peter Capaldi and he’s always brilliant!’

Of the forthcoming season, he added:

‘We haven’t made much of change to Doctor Who since it came back in 2005… I just felt it needs to be a bit more different now. It’s needs to be surprising again!’

As ever, the topic of a female Doctor also came up:

“It will not happen when someone says we must cast the Doctor as a woman,” he said. “A person will pop into your head and when that person is a woman that’s the day it will happen. Casting is the dark arts of television – it makes the difference between a television programme and a sensation. You don’t mess around with it. It’s all about passion and aesthetics – it’s not political.”

Moffat also spoke during the interview about his becoming the showrunner and Sherlock. You can watch the full interview here: