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TARDIS To Be ‘Kickstarted’ Into Space For 50th Anniversary

A Father and Daughter team who go by the name of 3 Stags Productions from Lake Helen, Florida have reached their Kickstarter goal of a staggering $33,000 and exceeded it even further (at the time of posting, the total stands at over $40,000 with 18 days to go) on a unique project to celebrate 50 years of Doctor Who.
3 Stags have raised enough crowd sourced funding to put a TARDIS into space on the 23rd of November. At this moment the satellite built as an exact replica of the original ship is no bigger than a toy, however the more funds the project receives, the bigger the model will get. With a built in hard drive, camera and a ‘wibbly wobbly’ ISIS deployable antennae system device amongst other things, the satellite will be deployed in the lower orbit path above Earth, so the chances of a meeting with the International Space Station are likely.
The Kickstarter rewards range from T-shirts to having your name and a personal message onto the hard drive of the satellite. You can visit the 3 Stags ‘We’re putting a TARDIS into orbit – Really!’ project here. Their promotional video can be found below. We’ll keep you posted with news on their mission and the launch when we get it.