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Ten Teasers About ‘Victory Of The Daleks’

DigitalSpy have yet again released ten teasers about Episode 3 of Series 5, entitled ‘Victory Of The Daleks’, starring Matt Smith as The Doctor and Karen Gillan as Amy Pond.

1. Some time has elapsed between episodes.

2. The ‘Daleks’ are known as ‘Ironsides’ and were apparently the invention of Professor Edwin Bracewell (guest star Bill Paterson).

3. The Ironsides are completely harmless beings and have the ultimate aim of helping the British, under the guidance of Winston Churchill (guest star Ian McNeice), to win the war.

4. Hailing from the 21st Century, Amy knows all about the Daleks, right? Right?!

5. Winston really wants something from The Doctor.

6. “We shall return to *** *** **** and ***** *****.”

7. Amy: “Ever fancied someone you know you shouldn’t?”

8. Star Wars.

9. There are not only army-coloured Daleks, but multi-coloured Daleks too.

10. Mmmm. Anyone fancy a Jammie Dodger?

Victory Of The Daleks is set to broadcast on Saturday 17th April 2010 at 6:30PM on BBC One and 8:25PM on BBC HD.