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Tennant Calls For Support For the BBC

Ex-Doctor, David Tennant, has called on the public to celebrate and protect the BBC.

The British Broadcasting Corporation, which brings us Doctor Who as well as many other brilliant shows, is set to have its Royal Charter renewed by the end of the year however some parties feel that the government should freeze or even reduce the fee paid to the company.

The magazine Broadcast is front lining the campaign and already has a selection of high profile actors supporting the cause. David Tennant said:

We must not let familiarity allow us to forget how special it is. The politicians may have reasons why they would like to see the BBC reduced or dismantled, but the BBC is not for the politicians, it is for us. We must celebrate and protect the BBC for ourselves and for our children.

By the end of this year the government are obliged to have a ten year scheme set up to fund the BBC. What do you think should happen? If the BBC’s budget was cut, or axed (!!!), could you watch Doctor Who on a different channel? Tell us in the comments!

[Source: Radio Times]