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Tennant Doesn’t Miss Doctor Who

First of all, I’m back! I will now be posting news as before!

David Tennant has today confessed that doesn’t really miss Doctor Who. David played the 10th Doctor for 3 Series, and said on ‘Paul O’ Grady Live’ that he was perfectly satisfied with his timing of leaving the show.

“I wouldn’t say I miss it. I mean I had a brilliant, brilliant time. It’s the most fun you can ever have and call it work, but I had a really good go so I think it was probably time to move on and now I like being able to tune in and watch it back and not know what’s happening next.”

Tennant also praised his former companion, Billie Piper who played Rose Tyler:

“Well, she’s just brilliant, she’s just great, I shan’t disabuse you of that fact [that I’m a better kisser]. Not that I’ve ever kissed Matt Smith, I’d like to point that out now. And not that I wouldn’t like to.”

He talks about his favourite scene with Bille:

“The one everyone usually talks about is the scene on the beach [in series two finale ‘Doomsday’] where we finally say bye-bye. It was the end of my first year and Billie had been such a huge part of that. It was a brilliantly sad scene and it was very sad to play.”