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Tennant Hints At Return To Doctor Who Possibility

In an interview on the US programme Attack of the Show! David Tennant, whose portrayal of the Tenth Doctor remains a solid fan favourite, has hinted that he is perfectly willing to return for Doctor Who‘s 50th Anniversary.

Speculation as to which (if any) Doctors would return for a multi-Doctor episode has been running rampant for months. Tennant claims: “I have one of everything that I wore [on Doctor Who] in hermetically sealed suit bags, squirrelled away somewhere – I hope the moths haven’t got in.”

Though in the same interview he also says “I’m not confirming or denying anything.”

See the full interview below:

Perhaps what should really be drawn from this is that the various actors to have played the Doctor in the past  all seem to have no real clue as to what’s being planned, or are all being very collectively coy about what they do know.

Richard E. Grant has confirmed his appearance in the 2012 Christmas Special, though it’s unlikely that he’ll be playing either of his Doctors (one of five actors to play the Doctor in the Curse of Fatal Death and Scream of the Shalka) as neither are “official” Doctors.

Another interesting snippet of trivia: David Tennant has already starred in a multi-Doctor episode. In 2007, Tennant co-starred in a mini-episode called ‘Time Crash’ with the Fifth Doctor (Peter Davidson). Also, Davison’s daughter Georgia Moffet played the Tenth Doctor’s ‘daughter’ Jenny, and is married to David Tennant.

So the Doctor’s daughter was played by the Doctor’s daughter except she’s now the Doctor’s wife and the mother of the Doctor’s children which also makes the Doctor their grandfather and the Doctor’s daughter who was played by the Doctor’s daughter now has a daughter by the Doctor and oh look I’ve gone cross-eyed.