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Tennant Talks Comic-Con Reception

Outgoing Doctor who star, David Tennant has admitted that he felt like Robbie Williams when he received an amazing reception from the fans in San Diego.

Speaking on an Audio Postcard, which is now availble on the official website he said, that the streets were filled with people dressed as Stormtroopers!

“It was slightly mental. I’ve never been to San Diego before, so I don’t know what it’s like normally, but it was just crawling with hundreds of thousands of fans.”

Then outgoing executive producer, Russell T Davies said, “You often get told over there that Doctor Who‘s not well known and Torchwood‘s not well known, and I’m beginning to deny that! David, you’re far too modest. You were welcomed like a rockstar.”

David admitted: “It was a bit like being Robbie Williams for a minute there. I mean they did go crazy, didn’t they?”

Davies added: “I was reading all our press clippings last night. I have to say I thought they did that for everyone – no they don’t! Yours was really rare and noted by the press and phenomenal.

“I’m really pleased. A lot of press clippings were saying that was an extraordinary welcome for you and how deserved and marvellous it was.”

What do you think of this news, should David think he was feeling like Robbie Williams!